What Clients Say Catriona Anderson Docklands

What clients say from a range of coaching and facilitation experiences:

“I wanted to say my sincere thanks for your help and support in unlocking and exposing such insightful, useful and valuable information in the journey of my next chapter.  And I feel I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take the leaps I did without undergoing the amazing conversations we had.” 

“It was you who drew my experience out, who helped me put words to my ideas, dreams, visions and challenges about my next steps.  Your gentle, wise coaching, experience and skill over the next few months kept me afloat as I decided my well-informed choices.  I felt thoroughly inspired to be a very different leader in my field”

“If you had not made me feel at ease and allowed me to feel I could share, I would not have been as open to the changes I needed to make as a leader.  So, I really want to thank you for going beyond your role.”

“I have called on Catriona on multiple occasions now to work and assist our staff while moving through workplace change.  I have always found her to very intuitive and understanding perfectly the brief and support that we were seeking.  Catriona’s ability to connect with these staff and support them through challenging times has been amazing. She has never failed to deliver and has achieved successful outcomes each time with the assignments we have asked her assistance with.  I am very grateful to Catriona for the support that she has provided to us.”

“Having been made redundant from my work place I was referred to Catriona for some professional support and guidance. Catriona gently supported me to work through my difficult feelings around the redundancy and gave me hope that I would get back on my feet again and find a great job. Catriona helped me rewrite my resume into a contemporary format and coached me around the modalities of job interviews, and how to prepare for them. She also supported me to identify what characteristics I was looking for in a job and employer that best suited my lifestyle and my professional goals. Catriona was always responsive, professional, friendly, non-judgemental, and understanding of my needs and did whatever she could do to help me.” 

“Catriona’s effective use of anecdotes and examples, both hers and those elicited from my team, thoroughly enriched our learning by bringing the content to life and helping us apply it at work – I thoroughly enjoyed her professional style and expertise, and certainly recommend her services to others.”   

“What I appreciated about this program, was the fact that Catriona spent time establishing the needs of the group and then matched the information to those needs despite the varying levels of experience in the room”

I attended one of Catriona’s small group coaching sessions on optimal health. I was drawn to it as I’m interested in healthy ageing through food & exercise. I’m already managing my gut health through careful food choices and regularly attend gym classes and wanted to know the latest thinking on nutritional health.  Catriona provided clear explanations and their impacts on our short and long term health.  She shared many effective food ideas & information from across her broad experts’ network. Most of all, I loved the way Catriona ran her enjoyable group session – she tapped into our personal motivation & inspiration, necessary to make lasting change.”   

“At 53, my body shape has fluctuated over the years. Adopting a low carb healthy fat (LCHF) approach to eating has completely CHANGED the way I feel, think and has altered my body shape and led to my optimal weight level – finally! Catriona established my specific goals first and introduced me to the benefits of LCHF.  And, there have been immense benefits – I do not have fluid retention at the end of the day, I do not crave sugar as I used to, and I have more energy and clearer focus. Catriona is our inspiration as she has been living a Low Carb lifestyle for some years now. Her aim was to make sure I had clear, realistic information and goals. I feel this has been the turning point for me – I chose health and Catriona has given me the tools and confidence to master my healthy lifestyle now. I now feel in control of food, not food in control of me. I am so grateful.”

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