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The future reality  

Let’s get real 

Our good health is foundational to everything we do in our personal and work lives.

The world of traditional western medicine is changing and many agree it needs to. A number of doctors have expressed to me their frustration of trying to help increasing numbers of patients with multiple chronic illnesses in insufficient short appointments. To witness many of their patients’ deterioration over time is further demoralising. Similarly, the patients also feel considerable frustration about the process.

Worldwide, reactive health care systems are at breaking point as levels of chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer’s, and cancer, have grown exponentially. Not to mention unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression and obesity. The Australian Department of Health (2020) states that in 2017-2018, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey showed that 67% of Australian adults were overweight or obese (12.5 million people), an increase from 63.4% three years earlier. It also indicated that 25% of children aged 5-17 years were also overweight or obese in 2017-2018.

People may well be living longer, but many are developing poor health earlier. In Australia, it is reported that by the age of 60, people are taking on average 5 medications each. That concerns me for a whole bunch of reasons!

The future of health care is on a precipice. It is not likely to be delivered in doctors’ surgeries only, but collaboratively in communities with behavioural change coaches…a greater integration of proactive health care and disease management. Highly skilled and passionate health coaches will play an increasingly crucial role in helping people make lifesaving, sustainable behavioural change. It’s exciting and imperative!

My vision within health coaching, is to empower people to transform their health with proactive sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes so they can live long, healthy and happy lives.  

This is quite a different road map to establish great health and vitality, not just an absence of disease. 

It takes inspiration, intention and practical tools to use every day!

It also means taking self-responsibility to be your own agent of change, and not handing over the responsibility to a doctor or anyone else.

Considerable research indicates that four of the more significant pillars to holistic health include healthy nutrition, moving better, adequate rest/sleep and social connection…for starters!

Feeling confused about food? Many people are unfortunately. 

And importantly, it’s not your fault! 

Years of processed food advertising, some biased industry-funded research and poor nutritional science, have led to mass confusion and overwhelm.

I’m specifically passionate about helping people understand the importance of real food, a low carb lifestyle, and the achieving of sustainable weight levels to feel well, and to reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic disease.  All without the need for extensive rigorous exercise.

Not just for themselves, but also for others they may influence at work or home. 

It’s all intertwined.

As our lives and the various roles we fulfil become more complex, the need to be on top of our health becomes more critical.

Sample of typical goals:

  • To do a stocktake of a range of pillars of holistic health – where are you now, and where you would ideally like to be
  • To inspire you to proactively manage your health for long term vitality and healthy longevity without being obsessive
  • To support you reaching and maintaining healthy weight levels long term with nutrient dense whole foods, low carb and healthy fat nutrition, stress reduction and restorative sleep
  • To understand and apply the recent evidence based research in lifestyle medicine that will have you challenging the majority of what you’ve been told to date about good healthy habits
  • To eat and move well, enjoy restorative sleep, maintain greater connection with others, to be as well as you can be, and minimise the risk of developing chronic illness
Health coaching iceberg

Habits are the future of wellness. 

In terms of weight management, the reality is, those who diet and lose weight typically regain 40% of the loss in the first year and the rest in the following 3 years.  For long lasting results we need to address more than what lies on the surface, and really explore what’s going on below the water line.

An informed person proactively taking charge of themselves is vital for long term change.

Self Care isn't Selfish

Work with me

Individual coaching 

1:1 is highly recommended to allow for customisation for your particular goals. 

  • The length of coaching program can vary and is usually agreed upon commencement, once the coaching goals are established.  
  • There is no “one size fits all” approach.  Typically, a coaching session is 90 minutes in duration, and some clients may work with me weekly, fortnightly, or touch base 4 times a year.  All dependent on your goals and your starting point.
  • Typically, a 3 month program with 2 sessions per month is recommended to help with fully embedding successful strategies, particularly if working on weight loss. 
  • Coaching can be delivered face to face when possible, or alternatively by phone or online, depending on logistics and location.

Prior to any engagement, I am happy to firstly have a complimentary 20 minute discovery phone call to make sure we are a good match and to find out a little more about each other.

Group coaching

  • Small informal group coaching may also be a possibility if the goals across the group are similar. This has worked well in small groups when some general information sessions have been conducted initially, and then many have chosen subsequently to then work individually with me on their specific health goals.

Employer sponsored individual coaching

This may be for individuals on an ad hoc basis as required.

Or, some enlightened organisations are providing a day a week/fortnight/month for example, for employees to access health coaching in-situ as a proactive facet of their organisation’s wellbeing strategy.

The fact is, healthier staff are generally more positive, happier and productive!

Happy to discuss what intervention/format is most effective and its associated fees, depending on your objectives and context.

“Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going”

Work With Me