Getting Real Coaching

“Real coaching to fulfil your personal and work life”

Hi there, feel free to call me Cat…pleased to meet you!

As a Coaching Psychologist working with a broad range of individuals and organisations over the last three decades, I’ve helped thousands of individuals and groups to reach a range of goals. 

How? Essentially I love having real conversations with people about stuff that matters!

In achieving any goal, whether it’s about successfully managing your health/self-care, career transition, leadership or performing well in teams, understanding the interplay between mindset, emotions and behaviour is paramount.

All of which I enjoy exploring to help you nail your goals.

What people typically think make them productive

These days more than ever before, people are nominating proactive self-care as one of their key goals as it is so integral to their productivity and overall satisfaction.

Many are realising that having unhealthy weight levels, being chronically over-stressed, and eating, moving and sleeping poorly, is not serving them well either personally or professionally. I can help!

I have developed a passion for preventative lifestyle medicine that helps people lead their healthiest lives possible. I delight in getting real with people about the changes they choose to make, to benefit themselves, their families and their employers.

Some issues are heavy bananas, but balancing being serious with lightness and humour, makes the process so much easier and a whole lot more enjoyable and sustainable!

“I’ve said this before…Catriona you’re a good person doing important work helping make the world a better place to be in…thank you.”

Tony – Team Manager/MICA Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria

How I Work

As your coach, I abide by the following important principles…

What I believe in:What I don’t believe in:
Purposeful solution-focused conversationsMeaningless aimless chats
Being curious about what drives peoples’ behaviourBlaming and judging others
Empowering through more asking, less tellingFostering dependence
Encouraging small steps that lead to big resultsThrowing people in the deep end
People are their own experts when supportedHearing the sound of my own voice
Information + mindset = positive choices Coercing others to change
Supporting and challenging to meet goalsColluding with self-limiting beliefs
Applauding whilst also holding you accountableSelf-sabotage
Progress not perfectionOverlooking positive shifts
Catriona Anderson sitting near river
Photography by Robyn Williams

As a Coaching Psychologist, I love collaborating and supporting people to move from awareness to responsibility, to commitment and action, and finally, to sustainable results for the long term and ultimately celebrating their success!

Whether it’s managing stress levels better, dropping 15 kilograms, getting a new job or being a more authentic leader, I’m happy to help coach you.                                           

Long-term behavioural change needs knowledge of what to do, desire and support to do it, and the skills to implement

My typical clients

Employer icon

You are an employer who needs to:

  • support an employee’s leadership and interpersonal skills, teamwork and/or career management
  • build more high performing teams by people understanding more about how they can operate together more optimally
  • provide outplacement or career management support for someone who is at career crossroads in the organisation
  • support the general wellbeing or high stress levels of one of your key employees during times of significant change
Individual icon

You are an individual who is:

  • proactive in managing your own career and keen to learn more about job search skills
  • committed to proactively managing your own holistic health for long term energy and vitality. And/or that of your family
  • handling multiple responsibilities including a stressful job, parenting, ageing parents, as well as some weight increase and key medical markers heading in the wrong direction
  • retiring or retired and realising that your mobility and general health is decreasing, and your golden years may not be so golden unless you do something differently…and soon
  • preparing for surgery, and you have been advised to reduce your weight to maximise the success of your surgery
  • keen to understand more fully the psychology of eating and build a healthier relationship with food
  • a young adult whose weight has unhealthily escalated as you learn to make healthy food choices and manage your life independently of your parents
  • a parent of a teenager concerned about their future health if overweight at an early age
  • preparing for a wedding and thereafter, and want to look and feel your best

Those who act on important goals before they become urgent reap the rewards in the long run.

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”